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Why More Students Are Choosing To Buy Research Papers Online

In 2012 it was reported that 24% of students who enroll in post secondary institutions dropout in their freshman year. Coinciding with this poll was interesting testimonial that revealed that the #1 reason why students were unable to complete their first year of studies was because of large course loads and accumulation of many “impossible deadlines”. For this reason, it does not surprise me to reveal that more and more students are choosing to buy research papers online from professional writing services in a desperate attempt to keep up with the extravagant course load.

Unfortunately, many instructors are encouraged to essentially “overwhelm” first year students in an attempt to “weed” the academic population, with no account to the millions of dollars being spent on high-tuition fees ever year. In a fighting response to this many students have chosen to buy a custom research paper online instead of personally writing it. This increasingly common practice of students essential “paying for their grades” appears to be the desperate result of curriculums that have become too writing intensive for the average scholar.

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The reality is that many of these students are driven to buy a research paper online, only after they have suffered several poor evaluations on their own attempts at academic writing. Many disciplined students, who are concerned with their GPA, buy research papers in order to supplement a declining grade point average. When they hire a ghostwriter to compose their written assignment they choose an experienced individual who can guarantee them a higher evaluation.

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They look for a writer who can tackle the subject matter from an expert angle and format the composition so that it is free of grammatical errors. Professional academic writers are skilled at creating perfectly prepared academic writing assignments on a variety of topics that obtain nothing less than an A+ grade.

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Individuals who purchase their writing assignments online typically have bigger goals in mind than merely taking a few freshmen English classes, they wish to excel academically by all means possible. They know how to buy a research paper and consider paying for a quality written assignment an investment in their future success and aren't too concerned about the ethical grey area associated with buying online research reports. In order to stay in the game and make it through the tough initiation of their freshmen year, they buy successful research papers from accredited writing services that allow them to maintain a higher GPA and keep up with the extensive course load. Some students drop out, while other find alternative solutions to overcome obstacles, they are todays’ forward thinkers and the project delegators of the future, I would vote these students the most likely too succeed in the business world.